Loans for SMEs

Do you want to boost your business with a credit? Bank Nation offers you Credits for SMEs, a line that seeks to support small and medium entrepreneurs through the financing of working capital as well as the acquisition of movable and immovable assets that allow the optimal functioning of your company.

Characteristics of the Credit for SMEs

Characteristics of the Credit for SMEs

This line of credits is available for Micro companies, as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. It is intended to:

  • Working capital and evolution expenses and investments in a broad sense.
  • Acquisition of capital goods of national origin, whether new or used. This includes traction vehicles for cargo transport produced in the country, towing vehicle and bodies for passenger vehicles, manufactured in the country.
  • Acquisition of capital goods of foreign origin, including wheeled and agricultural machinery, when there is no local offer, acquired in place already nationalized, new or used.
  • Installations and / or assemblies and accessories that are required for the start-up of capital assets.

In the case of loans destined for irrigation (integral projects, acquisition of equipment, systematization, etc.), the applicant must provide a technical report on water development prepared by a competent professional from the place where the investment is planned.

Likewise, a qualified report is required from the qualified professional that contemplates the provincial or other regulations for the use of the water source in question and its compliance.

Loans for SMEs are also intended for investments in general of national origin, to a mere enunciative title: buildings, sheds, fences, fixed improvements, reproducers of any species, etc., considered in a broad sense.

These destinations include the cost of energy consumption optimization projects and the acquisition of modern lighting systems for work environments. The goods may also be of foreign origin, but acquired in place, already nationalized, new or used, if there is no local offer according to the Chamber representing the Sector.

The credits destined to working capital and expenses of evolution will have a term of up to 1 year, while the investments will have a term of up to 10 years to pay.

Special conditions

Special conditions

  • For credits with a subsidized interest rate charged to companies.
  • For the acquisition of sheds.
  • To harvest and carry grapes.
  • For the Province of Mendoza.
  • For the financing of the cooperative sector and telecommunications SMEs.
  • For various activities with a subsidized rate paid by the Smartposx – Section III.
  • For film exhibiting companies registered with INCAA.
  • For MIPYMES within the framework of the Financing Program for the Expansion and Renewal of Fleet – Section II.
  • National Program for the Development of Public, Private or Mixed Industrial Parks with subsidized rate by Smartposx – Section II.

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