Non-bank loan with insurance – Medical and Protective Package

The Medical and Protective Package are additional options in the Frominen offer that enable non-bank loan insurance.

By taking a cash loan, we often take it in a package with insurance. Thanks to such insurance, we have a sense of security in the event of illness or job loss. Unfortunately, in the case of non-bank loans, such protection has not been available so far. And probably it would have been so far, if not for the new offer that Frominen has for some time.

Insurance and non-bank loans have not gone hand in hand so far. The market lacked a company that would be able to offer insurance for such a loan. It is known that people are struggling with various difficult life situations and when the loan is not insured, unfortunately it must be paid without any delay. Especially in the case of non-bank loans you have to be very vigilant, because the smallest delay in the repayment of such a loan may involve charging a small percentage.

Is there a non-bank loan with insurance?

Is there a non-bank loan with insurance?

When browsing through the offers of companies providing non-bank loans, we will not find an additional insurance option, which can often be found in the case of bank loans. Loan companies do not offer loan insurance for a simple reason. The cost of such a loan has so far been relatively high to offer additional insurance to the potential client. It can not be concealed, however, that the costs of non-bank loans, at least not installments, have decreased recently. Such changes also appeared in the Frominen company, which undoubtedly belongs to one of the oldest loan companies in Poland. Perhaps these changes made it possible to introduce a non-bank loan insurance.

Medical and Protective Package

Medical and Protective Package

What gives us such insurance under such packages as the Medical Package or Protective Package, which can be found in the Frominen offer? It would seem that it works on very similar terms as credit insurance, but not entirely. In the event of not being able to repay the loan due to illness or death, the bank or the insurer covers the loan repayment costs. Here, however, no one will pay back Frominen’s loan for us.

If we have an accident or other incapacity to work, we will be paid a certain amount of insurance money. With this money, we will be able to pay for loan installments. 

Both of the packages mentioned above differ from each other. For example, the Protective Package gives us mainly security in the case of invalidity as a result of NW or in case of an accident. It is also a financial security for the Insured’s relatives in the event of his death. The Medical Package has a much wider range of applications, ranging from a disease or an accident to a wide range of medical services. By paying a specific insurance premium, we can take advantage of prompt medical assistance from a doctor, physiotherapist or nurse at our place of stay. In addition, the medical package also includes patient transport, reimbursement of medicines from the prescription or a number of other insurance benefits.

Is it worth using the Frominen insurance package? I think that this is an offer prepared mainly for older people who often struggle with various health problems. For such people, it may be an interesting proposition, the more so that, apart from the loan insurance itself, they can simultaneously gain access to many useful medical services. However, it is worth remembering that the most sensible solution in the case of loans from Frominen seems to be a loan with the option of transfer. This is characterized by low costs compared to other similar offers among non-bank loans.

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